A comparative paper on islam and hinduism

To first understand such elements on a particular religion, a basic understanding of that religion is necessary.

similarities and differences between hinduism islam and christianity

Comparison of Hindu and Islamic Practices Apart from the above, following are some important differences between the two religions, with regard to their respective religious practices.

Centuries of Muslim rule and frequent abduction of Hindu women by Muslim soldiers and Mongolian invaders led to the practice of purdah by Hindu women in certain parts of northern India like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

comparative study of hinduism and islam

These two religions are similar to some extent and differ in terms of the God they worship, religious text and the place where they offer their prayers. The distinction is based not so much according to racial or social differences, but birth and family status. So many people in this world believe in numerous different religions.

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They teach us a love that is pure which fills up our hearts depending on how great our faith is. Zakir Naik Dr. Islam acknowledges that God rewards people for their good deeds and punishes them for their evil actions. He is closer to them and ever watchful and heedful, but He is separate from them and never unites with them. He is responsible for all that happens or not happens. Through my poster, I have concluded that Hinduism is the religion which is the most different from the other two. Islam does not recognize any intermediary between man and God. Out of unbound love, He also manifests Himself in the images men make to worship Him. Each religion is similar and different from one another in terms of festivals, practices and beliefs. Depending upon who created them, how they are created and where they are installed, the images of God contain the potency and presence of God Himself, rendering them worthy of worship and adoration. The masjid is used very frequently as a Muslim has to offer prayers five times a day and it is usually done in a masjid. Neither does it have any fixed pillars or principles which are obligatory for its followers to practice. Hinduism has many gods, yet, for some Hindus, there is an impersonal "Absolute" behind them all, called Brahman, creator of the universe. The Indus valley is where Hinduism originated. Secondly, some democratic aspects of Islam found their way into Hinduism in the form of social and religious reforms, which aimed to eliminate social and caste based distinctions within Hindu society and the procedural and scriptural complexity involved in worshipping God.

In Hinduism pursuit of Truth is far more important than belief or disbelief in God or a particular divinity. Christianity is adopted mostly by the Europeans. Hinduism is the one of the oldest world religions.

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One of the most notable developments in Hinduism during the medieval period was the rise of bhakti movement, which emphasized devotion and surrender to God as the best means to salvation.

Growth of Urdu.

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God is the one and the only Truth. With no founder and no creed, it has evolved over time. Widowed women are expected not to wear ornaments or colorful dresses. Peace be on you, we do not desire the company of the uninformed. The two religions I will focus on are Hinduism and Islam. He is the creator and sustainer of all creatures and the entire creation. Hindus believe that each individual has a choice to pursue a path in accordance with his or her inner inclination and religious beliefs and interfering with it would tantamount to taking responsibility for another's salvation and also karma. The tradition of Satyapir.

Following are some of the quotations from Qu'ran in support of this view: There is to be no compulsion in religion. Muhammad is considered to be the last of the prophets and messengers of Allah. God is not like humans and he can not be compared with anything there is on earth, which is why no idol or statues can represent God.

A comparative paper on islam and hinduism

Some might even dispute whether or not they are a religion, or rather a way of life or philosophy. For the Hindus the cow and the bull are sacred and should not be slaughtered. There are Dargas to which Hindus and Muslims pay visit. For example, one for fire, death, water, etc. To first understand such elements on a particular religion, a basic understanding of that religion is necessary. Latest Posts Dr. The major difference between Hinduism and Islam is the God …show more content… In Hindu religion mandirs are the place where only prayers are offered. Purdah System.

Islam acknowledges that God rewards people for their good deeds and punishes them for their evil actions.

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Comparison of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam