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What are your recommendations to Banyan Tree for managing these brands and products in future? Presently, the prime Hotel chains in the globe such as the Hilton fail to rival it in Asia. Besides being viewed as a caring and pro-environmental company, such publicity also drew attention to the natural beauty of the resorts and their environments, which helped the company to advertise its villas. The city hotel was also positioned similarly on romance and intimacy although it additionally catered to business travelers. Now, the company had to contemplate how to manage its brand portfolio and expand its business while preserving the distinctive identity and strong brand image of Banyan Tree, its flagship brand. Even when guests wander beyond the resorts compounds, the genuine feelings of hospitality and appreciation showed by the local communities at the villages made guests felt welcome and at home, making the entire stay pleasant and memorable. Discuss the brand and product portfolio of Banyan Tree, Angsana and the color of Angsana of beach resort and city hotels, spas, galleries and museum shops fit as a family The main idea of Banyan Tree is the delight in romance when travelling and the wonders present in dissimilar sections in the world. So, it made economic sense to protect and preserve the resorts surrounding environment to ensure that it remained an attractive tourist destination in the long run, or as Banyan Tree put it, to prevent todays darling from becoming tomorrows has-been.

Activities involved in the brand must have a fundamental aim. Generally, the positioning of providing romantic and intimate holiday experiences is not difficult to imitate; so is the concept of individual villas and any tangible offering.

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What are your recommendations to Banyan Tree for managing these brands and products in future? The colors of Agsana, a merchandise line of Agsana, were to enter the tourism trade.

Ho recognized the business opportunity presented by the gap in the resorts market: there was room for something pricier and more exclusive that would better cater to these middle upper class consumers, who had better spending power than had the average consumer in the mass market, and would be able to afford and willing to pay for a more exclusive premium service offering.

Showcasing the awards and accolades won credibly enhanced the brands reputation. Such practices, together with continual service innovations, kept the Banyan Tree experience fresh and interesting.

Its aim of preserving the environment grants it a uniqueness that lacks in most resorts. As advertisements were selectively placed in only high-end travel magazines that targeted the higher income and more sophisticated segment of the market, wastage in advertising exposure is minimized.

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A feedback on the success of their contributions was often given that motivated them. The retail shops augmented and helped to extend the overall service experience through the sale of products that consumers might use at home to replicate and remind them of the Banyan Tree experience.

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Can Banyan Tree maintain unique position in the overcrowded resort market? Banyan Trees offering of an avenue to get away from it all and spend quality time together while relaxing and de-stressing would appear to be valued benefits sought by todays busy couples.

Service employees were warm, sincere, and respectful; knew guests by their names; and remembered their preferences. We will write a custom essay sample on Banyan Tree Branding the Intangible or any similar topic only for you Order Now Discuss whether the brand portfolio of Banyan Tree, Angsana, Colours of Angsana, and Allamanda, as well as the product portfolio of beach resorts and city hotels, spas, galleries, and museum shops fit as a family.

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