Can thesis statement be negative

Even when we think we know exactly what we want to say, we often discover when we start to write it down that it isn't all there.

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Further Discussion You may wonder why the thesis statement is placed at the beginning of the text, rather than at the end. After reflecting on the topic a little while longer, you decide that what you really want to say about this topic is that something should be done to reduce the amount of sugar these children consume.

Make an assertion based on clearly stated support.

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Still not sure how to write a thesis? No good essay is entirely informative or entirely persuasive. It is not unusual to be asked to write an essay based on a very general topic. In fact, you really can't write a good essay without developing a thesis statement. As an example, imagine that you are writing a discussion essay.

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Both C and D are strong thesis statements, which indicate effectively what your essay will be about and what your perspective will be. Perhaps the first step would be to clarify what I do not mean by the term "thesis statement.

What's the value of writing out your thesis statement on a piece of paper? The goal of your essay is to convince your reader that your thesis is correct.

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The Thesis Statement