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Climate-mainstreaming in the European Commission - Is the internal administrative setup compatible with the external ambitions?

What is the actual reason for this criticism? The thesis show how the right to free movement and the following rights to social benefits have been expanded to include economically inactive EU-citizens, who thus are given access to social benefits in a host country, where they neither are nationals nor or only in a lesser scale have contributed economically.

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Double Play? A Eupeanization study of Danish Environmental Policies from a Discursive Institutionalist Perspective The thesis, written by Pernille Husby, presents four case studies in which Danish environmental- and climate policies have strong Europeanization processes.

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There is disagreement about what EU citizenship actually comprises though. In continuation of this point, an institutionalized double game has been taking place, in which the Danish decision makers have tried to meet both EU demands regarding more lenient family reunification policies and domestic demands for tighter policies. Until now, we have never seen them having a bad day and evaluations always award them top marks. All our participants makes it clear, that they achieve concrete communication tools. We warmly recommend EPO. Every year, we train a large number of managers and specialists in their presentation and communication skills. This final thesis seeks to explain this paradox. Read the final thesis here. Read the final thesis here abstract in English. The thesis states that discourse and ideas have had a major importance in relation to Denmark's reputation as a "green leader". It is actually the first time we have experienced, that all participants were thrilled about a course, and that they have actively used the techniques immediately after first course day. This is the conclusion of a new final thesis by Johanne Daugaard Thomsen. As the Union has evolved, the European Court of Justice ECJ has functioned as the primary generator of rights when it comes to securing the union citizens' right to family reunification.

On September 3rd the ECJ delivered a powerful judgement annulling the EU's implementation of UN individual sanctions on the basis, that the sanctions did not respect the EU's protection of fundamental rights. Empirical data on the behavior of small states was collected through a survey showing that these states do indeed engage in lobbying of the Commission and Parliament.

The analysis of these two cases is carried out through a domain of application approach that uses liberal intergovernmentalism, rational choice institutionalism and sociological institutionalism to analyse different parts of the negotiation process.

The course days were very professional, acute and captivating.

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