Cultural development of aztec and inca

To them, the cacao bean was so precious they used it as their currency. Pachacuti created the Inca Empire which the Inca called the Tawantinsuyu. The Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas were just three of these civilizations.

differences between inca and aztec religion

Although some Spanish priests and laymen protested, native people who refused to give up their treasures were summarily massacred. The city of Cuzco would remain the capital of the empire as it expanded in the coming years.

As an alternative to iron these inventive people made their knives, spears and arrow heads from Obsidian, an extremely sharp stone.

Cultural development of aztec and inca

Aztec Civilization. The material being woven is stretched between two wooden poles. They understood the healing power of the rainforest and its plants - amazingly three quarters of all our medicine comes from plants - and in their hands, the wild yam formed the basis of world's first birth control pill.

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Because the Incas lived in the mountains of South America and had to cross very deep ravines they invented the world's first suspension bridges espite not having hemp or sisal ropes.

In the broadest terms these cultures wore the same types of clothing styles. Europeans and Native Americans maintained contradictory social, economic, and spiritual practices. Although wheeled toys and decorations have been found at Mesoamerican sites, the wheel was never put to practical use.

What distinguished the Aztec and Inca empires from each other? The Aztecs built up plots of land called chinampas in the middle of marshy lakes by piling up layers of aquatic vegetation and rich mud from the lake bottom, along with animal and human manure.

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Aztec Culture and Society