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They are very strange people and I get my ideas from them. Use this book review and this 6th Floor blog post to investigate the political aspects of his art. Combine Ted's gardener and environmentalist hats and plant a tree at your school or in your community. Seuss An author gets his ideas out of his head and on to paper to share with others. I hope this lesson works to inspire your students about the choices they can make and to encourage them to look at their futures with a discerning eye. Seuss as a poet, or compare him to another poet you are studying. For more information about the best planting times in your area, contact a local nursery. Inspiration from Doctor Suess Discuss with students how Dr. This netted him a hundred and ninety-nine words. Seuss book? Young people engaged in service will likely have more confidence in themselves and their ability to contribute to the community. Following the War, Ted's interest in Hollywood continued and the friendships he made in the Army led to more big and small screen productions, including the Academy Award winning cartoon Gerald McBoing Boing and television favorites like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While serving, he was introduced to animation by animator Chuck Jones and developed a series of animated training films for Army troops. Seuss book that has been made into a cartoon or movie. Seuss books also meant to teach the reader things about life or to give advice.

Combine the artist and community activist hats Dr. Seuss character and pretend that you will spend the day together.

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Army in Frank Capra's Signal Corps and worked on making movies relevant to the war effort. Students who have not yet finished this exercise by the end of class can finish it for homework.

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Seuss has inspired many people through his seemingly simple poetry. Back to Top Dr. While he endeavored to help the United States war effort during World War II, some of the cartoons he created then prompt cries of racism today.

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Below, we suggest some places for the cat in the hat, green eggs and ham, Horton, the Sneetches and Mulberry Street in your secondary English classroom.

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Dr. Seuss Activities to Go With Each of His Beloved Classics