Kansas is flatter than a pancake

list of flattest states in order

Well, it isn't Colorado. How Flat Is a Pancake?

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The sign on the train station platform helps you pronounce this letter-long Welsh town name. To estimate geographical flatness as perceived by the human eye, Dobson and Campbell put math behind the experience of looking toward the horizon and seeing a rise of land in their case, to the height of a tall tree at a distance of three miles.

They started by building the Westward Ho!

Flattest pancake

In general, the spacing between adjacent elevation points on the landscape transects was approximately 90 meters. Surface topography of Kansas and of a pancake. Listen to weather reporter Liam Dutton pronounce it like a pro here. The state is so flat that the off-the-shelf software produced a flatness value for it of 1. Fonstad, Pugatch, and Vogt explain that: Mathematically, a value of 1. Jump over to the National Festival of Breads website and check out one of these great pancake recipes:. States" in Geographical Review , a peer-reviewed journal published by the American Geographical Society. Each segment was recorded as not flat, flat, flatter, or flattest. One common method of quantifying "flatness" in geodesy is the "flattening" ratio. Brian Clark Howard originally hails from Indiana, the tenth flattest state according to the new study. The town was originally named Blueberry after the nearby Blueberry River, but was eventually changed to Wonowon to prevent people from confusing it for another Blueberry in the southeastern Kootenay region. The least flat state, West Virginia, also surprised the researchers.

Army operated a hour checkpoint during World War II. We collected macro-pancake topography through digital image processing of a pancake image and ruler for scale calibration see Figure 2. For example, if you are studying the effects of usage of social websites on student education, then the usage of social websites is the independent variable and your measure of education are the dependent variable.

The further away from 1, the less flat the surface.

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