Mlt songwriting awards shows

Songwriting competition 2019

In the meantime, I am re-configuring this website - to give it a badly needed freshen up. Will be a fun night so don't miss it. From an Oxo Cubans point of view, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the show. This is a huge but incredibly rewarding process and I think I can see the end in sight. Really looking forward to that as it's such a great show. Kelvin is a fabulous performer and together we will have the place pumping. As usual we are planning something fresh and new for next year. I hugely respect the skills of Christchurch born award songwriter Phil Doublet. Sold out shows and standing ovations! My timetable is already becoming compact and it's only the beginning of the year, so I suggest you contact me earlier than later. Since we welcomed Dunedin singer and frontman for local band Bluestone, Mr Clive Copeman, to the Oxo family at the Midge Marsden concert in June, we've started doing more shows together.

Thank you everyone! There will be launch details following. Bye now and thank you for staying with me They were an absolute pleasure to be part of.

songwriting competition

We had snow all round the hills but that's about all. Coordinating rehearsals is quite a feat when everyone is so busy so we are rehearsing in batches.

Mlt songwriting awards shows

Our next public date is at Filadelfios, Andersons Bay on August 4th. It's an exciting time. It goes without saying that the Oxo Cubans always strive for excellence and we are always looking to up the ante when it comes to our shows. Really looking forward to that as it's such a great show. Look out for it on iTunes. In amongst all that I am enjoying my teaching as the years slowly winds down for some of my students busy with exams. Playing with us in the Octagon is Oamaru band Dee May and the Saints - they are on 8pm to get us in the mood. After a little bit of digging, I looked into my fellow compeditors for the event. It has been many years in the making. As the Big lawn is a collective, other musicians can step in. We had a great group of musicians with us playing a bunch of great songs. I am thoroughly enjoying my teaching.

The MLT New Zealand Gold Guitar auditions will be held in the morning, and the hotly contested intermediate and junior final will play out that evening. This has been great for the band with Clive adding another dimension to our sound. Today I'll let you know what I've been up to for the last 3 weeks, and give you the scoop on the next bright things to expect in your future.

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