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And still he was running on. It was the weight lifting.

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Then began the slow cycling race. Everybody cheered them by clapping. Every one was dumb founded to see this and gave him a big applause. Some of them may get selected for State and National teams and thus earn name and fame in the country and abroad. The first day was the junior sports day from class 1 to 5. It was held in our school play ground. After this there was a small tea party and refreshments were distributed to all the students and the guests. After a fortnight of being over busy with the preparations for the Sports Day, at last the day arrives. We marched past the stand where the Guest-of-Honour and our headmaster stood to attention. A month prior to the event, all the children of the school were divided into four houses and respective sports groups such as senior, junior and sub-junior. Every event drew cheers and applause from the spectators. There is a Secretary duly elected by students to manage the show. We wanted to win the first prize for the best decorated booth so I helped my classmates to decorate our booth in a spectacular manner.

We marched past the stand where the Guest-of-Honour and our headmaster stood to attention. The signal for starting it was given by a pistol shot.

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After this there was the tug of war which was a highly exciting event. Now they certainly need some diversion in their serious routine-work. About twenty cyclists took part in it. We got printed copies of the programme. Even though I am not a very great enthusiast of games or sports, I just love this day and look forward to it through the year. I came in first in the long jump event, and second in the metres race and shot put. And still he was running on. I took no part in these items as I have no interest in them. It was great fun watching little kids making funny moves. The boys laughed and clapped. All the spectators were seated on chairs beside the ground. Today education is an all-round development of the child.

Many students took part in the competitions. Thus ended the sports day of our school. The parents were also invited alongwith other digniteries and the chief guest.

After they complete their studies, their athletics background may help them get good jobs.

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Amin had won the Junior Championship in this item last year. The students learn the qualities of leadership and working unitedly.

The lawns are so very meticulously done up, white chalk powder lines are installed for different events. This is very much helpful in their practical life. I do love to watch it all but; I never feel the urge to participate.

Sports instil in them the spirit of sportsmanship. The school sports provide students lots of diversions.

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But 'all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Amin had won the Junior Championship in this item last year. It was followed by a brave display of smashing tiles with their fists and foreheads. All the children are so well groomed in their white uniforms that, it is a sight to watch and admire. My school the St. Finally our annual sports day was concluded with the final march past. Today education is an all-round development of the child. Half mile race and one mile race. After this, prizes were given away to the winners. At the end the host requested the chief guest to give away prizes to the winners of the different events. The participants lined up before the start of every event and they were cheered by the spectators. First of all the atheletes, taking part in diferent events staged a march-past and assembled in front of the main pavillion. We were all eagerly waiting for the teachers' race. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.
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