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The 4-year Bachelor of Nursing program in Macao was designed with learning credits, among which 46 credits hours are clinical placement [31]. After abstract reviews, 19 desirable articles were found, and 6 most relevant articles were selected for the review, considering the relevance to the literature review after detailed analysis and excluding literature reviews.

Reviewing the curriculum design and organization of clinical placement in the studied school, the researchers noted that no special feature was found in year two study except more extra-curricular activities than in other years of the program. Sources of stress in nursing students: a systematic review of quantitative studies.

With this effect there will be reduced stress among nurses which is fueled by pressure.

Effects of stress on nursing students

Clinical practicum. Jackson et al. Nursing shortage: the facts and strategies in Macao society. This emotional wounds if undealt with, can lead to severe stress. J Adv Nurs ;26 3 Stressors involve massive workloads, aggressive patient care and shift work. The sample was obtained by a survey part 1 and was followed by face-to-face or telephone interviews part 2. McHugh, Matthew, et al. In order to remain in the workforce with the rapidly developing technology and responsibilities, regardless of the fact that it is intrinsically tense, there is a vital demand for identifying the stress factors and coping strategies. There is also high risk as nurses handle patients suffering from various illnesses such as the Ebola pandemic. There is a lot of pressure due to the high expectations and demands put on the nurses. She explained that the higher stress level experienced by first year students could be a result of being placed in an unfamiliar environment, separation from the families and the demand of forming new social groups apart from academic pressures and clinical training.

Except for the variable 'year of study', all other demographic variables did not show any statistically significant effect on students' stress. Emotional exhaustion may occur when the nurse experiences the inability to function professionally at a psychological level, the symptoms may include depression, sleep disturbances and the inability to control emotions Maslach et al.

Jackson et al.

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J Nurs Educ ;33 2 Another cause of stress is the environment and working conditions under which nurses operate. Implementation of a balanced nurse-patient ratio will effectively deal with the understaffing issue. Nurse unit managers individually and other nurses in groups were interviewed.

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