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Karger, R. Consequently, in WSN, Demirbas et al.

The Sybil attack is one of the famous wireless attacks that can forge wireless devices to steal information from clients. Hartman, I. Section 7 contains the experiment simulation. However, these methods always need to rely on certain trust relationships, and the amount of information stored by each node is too large. Wiley, T. Therefore, the CSI of each subcarrier can be approximated as: H. Introduction With the widespread deployment of the Internet-of-Things IoT , its security issues have become increasingly prominent. Google Scholar 4. The work in [ 36 ] adds multiple detection nodes to collect the RSSI of the vehicle to determine whether it is consistent with the beacon node. At the same time, the problem of RSSI instability in our previous paper is also solved by combining the amplitude in this paper, which makes the detection results more stable and can be more generally applicable to complex WLAN environments. CRC Press, Goldberg, P. This detection algorithm can tell whether the static devices are Sybil attackers by combining a self-adaptive multiple signal classification algorithm with the Received Signal Strength Indicator RSSI. Obviously, the attacker will deliberately avoid being collected. Multiple fake reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms by only one identity such mass computing power is available unethically for hire from countries like Bangladesh.

Bigrigg, J. Finally, we experiment on mobile and commercial WiFi devices. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

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When the environment becomes complex, it will be subject to the influence of multipath effects in the environment, and RSSI will be the superposition value of multipath signals.

Because of the complexity of the indoor wireless environment, the difficulty of Sybil attack detection is more serious. Clarke, O.

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Chor, O. Although the WLAN network is equipped with the

The main aim of this attack is to gain the majority of influence in the network to carry out illegal with respect to rules and laws set in the network actions in the system. Wiley, T. Bellare and P. Fiat, A. Ganger, H. Douceur, D. Fortunately, Channel State Information CSI -based indoor location technology has become more mature in recent years, and this technology can provide more accurate location results. This method requires at least four detection nodes to achieve higher detection accuracy, and the wireless network environment must be arranged in advance. The experimental results show that our Sybil attack detection system achieves high accuracy for both static and dynamic scenarios.
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The Sybil Attack