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The debate of it being taught stems from the debate of whether Conrad and his narrative are racist. Leading in with a hook: Uttering one of the most famous lines written in all modern literature, Mr.

If Conrad had simply spelled out his views for readers, the result would have been a polemical, pedantic, opinionated essay. Conrad lived through a time when European colonies were scattered all over the world. Talking with. The horror in Heart of Darkness is a contribution of many ideas that are formed and contributed from the European colonists.

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For some critics, the use of darkness is seen as an intentional literary device. He also assures that the racism found in the novel is because Conrad 's own racist ideas and beliefs. Chinua Achebe, a contemporary literary critic, argues that as the protagonist, Marlow, travels through the Congo, Conrad maintains a Western imperialist attitude towards the African natives.

Should this book be removed from the reading list.

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Kurtz was the ideal man that Marlow, or any man for that matter, longed to become. During this time period it was accepted practice to think of a black man as savage because that was how the popular culture viewed the African American race.

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Heart of Darkness Racism Essay