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Eventually, Johnson suffered the consequences of his concordance with Rostow, whom he promoted within the bureaucracy.

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Johnson as the new president, Rostow's hawkish prescriptions began to prevail, with huge consequences for the North Vietnamese.

The South surrendered to the North in James together with Harriman's deputy Chester Cooper to work alongside Wilson in what was code-named Operation Sunflower. Legion of Merit for his military service, and also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in In Rostow returned to teaching, accepting an appointment at the University of Texas at Austin.

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He entered Yale University at age 15, focused his studies on the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes, studied two years at Oxford University in England, then returned to Yale, where he earned his Ph.

Rostow's theory can be classified as "top-down," or one that emphasizes a trickle-down modernization effect from urban industry and western influence to develop a country as a whole. Lewandowski stated that the Soviets were tired of this economically exhausting competition because every time China increased its support for North Vietnam, the Soviets had to increase their support on an even greater scale just to rebut the Chinese claim that they were "selling out".

Kennedy's foreign policy He held that position untilwhen President Johnson appointed him national security advisor. Harlow: Pearson Education, Such a course would obviously have the most serious possible consequences".

Later theorists have challenged this approach, emphasizing a "bottom-up" development paradigm, in which countries become self- sufficient through local efforts, and urban industry is not necessary.

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Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth and Development